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Dog behavioral therapy using a Holistic view

Personal guidance THAT is our strength

We regularly told by the person behind the dog that one should first:

  • Reading dog books

  • Take a on-line course

  • Advice on the internet or Facebook

  • Advice insufficiently trained trainer

have tried to solve the problem behavior, but this advice has usually had little or no help or has even been counterproductive.
This can be serious but also very impersonal.

Behavioral problems are almost always emotional problems for the dog.
Lack of understanding of the dog's life and experiences, too high expectations or genetically the dog is more than vulnerable.
But pain, skin and coat problems, and misunderstanding of breed type can also cause behavioral problems to develop.

Behavioral problems are serious and can only be solved by properly trained behavioral specialists.
Solving behavioral problems is never a quick fix but requires the right insights, time and patience.

What behavioral problems can we help with, among other things?

  • Fear of abandonment

  • Biting incidents

  • Fear of abandonment

  • Car failure behavior, etc.

  • Eating street 

  • Peeing in the house

  • Excessive barking

Don't learn to suppress a behavioral problem

With us you do not learn with treats, distractions, short leashes and other unacceptable tools to control the dog.
You do not treat people with emotional problems in this way, but with care and professional knowledge.
An additional danger of these so-called Qickfix insights is that the problem behavior can transform in a different way.
So your dog is not a standard machine that does its trick on command or puts its problem aside.

Holistisch coachen

Holistic is not a vague way of coaching, but looks at behavioral problems with a modern and contemporary view.
Both the dog and its human are taken as they are, a dog has also become part of the family.
Goes on holiday, gets presents, can lie on the couch.
There is nothing wrong with that and in this modern society you decide how you spend your life with your dog.

The problem-causing behavior is examined from various angles by properly trained experts to arrive at advice that is acceptable to both the dog and the person behind the dog.
A thorough knowledge of behavioral problems, breed type and motivation, but also the recognition of physical problems such as muscle dysfunction, intestinal complaints and eczema are part of the knowledge of a Holistic behavioral therapist.
Physical imbalance can be a trigger for problem behavior.

Duration of behavioral therapy

Depending on how complex the problem is, I will initially guide you with 2 sessions personally, but this is always in consultation and also depends somewhat on the complexity of the request for help.

Experience with, among others

dog behavior therapist

Anxious dog - Biting incidents - High-risk dogs - Dog aggression - Separation anxiety - Peeing in the house - Excessive licking of coat elimination - Dog scratches a lot - Dog allergies - Skin or coat problems - Prey drive - Fear of loud noises or fireworks - Blind or deaf dogs - Chasing cats - Barking or lunging at other dogs on the street - Barking or lunging at children or old people on the street - Child - dog relationship - Baby on the way - Hyperactive behavior - Food or baking envy - Loud barking in the house - Fear of fireworks

We provide behavioral training in the following locations

Aerdenhout, Akersloot, Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Assendelft, Baarn, Bentveld, Bennebroek, Bergen, Beverwijk, Bloemendaal, Castricum, The Hague, Den Helder, Egmond, Koedijk, Krommenie, Haarlem, Halfweg, Heemskerk, Heemstede, Heiloo, Hoofddorp, IJmuiden, Koog aan de Zaan, Leidschendam, Leimuiden, Naaldwijk, Santpoort, Spaarndam, Uitgeest, Velsen, Wassenmaar, Wormer, Wormerveer, Zaandam, Zandvoort, Zwanenburg.