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Team de Duinhonden - Who are we?

High Quality Dogschool

We have been providing professional and higher-level lessons in the field of DOG BEHAVIOR and EDUCATION for more than 20 years using the Connection Method®.
A new-age approach to learning to deal with, understand and educate the modern domestic dog

We provide insight into

WHY: Your dog does what he does and learn to deal with this in a way that respects the emotional life and emotions of both the dog and yours.
As a result, an excellent relationship with the dog can be established without too much effort or pressure.

We have a HBO and/or WO previous education and, in addition to a thorough professional education, we have followed holistic training and follow-up courses to be able to convey our philosophy as best as possible. Renowned teachers including Professor Tiny de Keuster - An DeLange - Geert de Bolster have taught us and keep us informed of the latest scientifically based developments in the field of dog education and the human/dog relationship.
We can also provide advice on skin and intestinal problems in combination with behavioral problems.

We undergo additional training every year to stay up to date and maintain our quality label.

Our team

Anneke Niesten

Dog behavior counselor - Problem behavior specialist - Holistic coach - Behavioral therapist
Orthomolecular nutritionist.
Professionally active in guiding and educating dogs with problem behavior for over 20 years. 
In 2016, she followed her feelings and completed a Holistic study.
Since then, Anneke and her team have been sharing their knowledge through a holistic vision. 
Anneke is always cheerful and has a sense of humor, but always takes every behavioral problem seriously.
Professional and extensive knowledge of the profession in both study and practice.
Anneke is creative and solution-oriented and coaches.
 “Thinking out of the box”.
Nothing is fixed in life, nothing is predictable, nothing is controllable.
You can create happiness yourself.

Anneke has been the person behind Tracey for 14 years. 
Tracey is originally from Poland but now feels Dutch through and through, cheese is also one of her favorite snacks;) Tracey and Anneke like to wander through the dune area or along the North Sea Canal with their minds at "Zero" in their spare time.

Anneke also loves cats. Gingy Boy, a white Turkish Angora, is also one of her furry family friends.

Anneke's frequently heard mantras are:

“If the mountain doesn't come to Moses, Moses will come to the mountain.”
"Your dog is not a circus dog that needs to train his trick"
"Leaving the past behind and looking forward, we live in the NOW."

In the photo Anneke with Emy, a good dog friend.
Tracey refused to go on the photo shoot, which is her right...
See photo of Tracey on the shelter dogs page.

Heidi Tijms

Heidi is a holistic puppy coach.
Heidi has extensive knowledge in understanding and guiding puppies and young dogs.
But Heidi also knows a lot about the physical aspects of puppies and young dogs.
With Heidi's calm and patient character, she has been able to help many dogs and their people in the education of their puppies and young dogs in the more than 10 years she has been associated with our dog school.

Heidi is the caregiver of Noortje, a smart but also stubborn Cairn terrier

Heidi also provides our sporting activities Agility and Tracking
Heidi herself is also very sporty and has been passionately practicing diving for years. An ocean is still too small for Heidi. Noortje also comes along, but with her feet above water..

Maureen Greuter

Passion for dogs, driven, sporty and always has a sunny character.
In addition, Maureen loves to dance and regularly takes the castagnettes to relax.

Maureen has completed her training with Geert de Bolster and is a holistic puppy coach. She also provides private guidance to dogs and people who need a helping hand.

Maureen is the caregiver of Toby, a wonderfully adolescent and stubborn Boxer, now 2.5 years old. 

Maureen therefore also provides the special clinics "Boxer and Zo", she knows better than anyone how sensitive but also misunderstood these dogs are and that raising them cannot always be easy.